Professional and Reliable

Attorney Lester and his staff were very responsive to my needs in my filing bankruptcy. All issues in were addressed with professionalism and detail. Lester & Hyldahl was recommended to me and I would highly recommend him/them to others.

DUI .... Canadian Border Agent: "Your attorney is a genius!"

I enthusiastically recommend Tom for personal and business law ... and especially for working wonders with my DUI arrest.

Tom has been my personal and business attorney for over 20 years and has always adeptly represented me for needs such as incorporation of my restaurant and drafting my will.

More recently he was a Godsend for handling my DUI. My biggest concern of my arrest was the seeming inevitable inability to enter Canada on a regular basis. After over two hours of research, The Canadian Border agent said it best. " Your attorney seems to have been a genius" By pleading to Reckless Endangerment, I avoided triggers that keep me out of Canada. Tom's knowledge and his respectful relationships with fellow legal colleagues were invaluable.

Unsurpassed Experienced = Amazing Lawyer!

Doug is a legal “powerhouse” with unsurpassed experience, he was available to take my case quickly and confidently, he went the extra mile to thoroughly investigate my DUI case, and got me the best possible result in court — NOT GUILTY.

Personalized Care

It is my pleasure to highly recommend Doug Hyldahl. He was very responsive, timely, caring and knew what it took to try and affect the most optimal outcome for a client. He was readily available and personable. He was realistic and informed you of the many possible outcomes . He was collaborative and a good listener. We all felt very supported by him and able to trust him. He came highly recommended to us and I would highly recommend him again!

The Best!!

Doug made the worst experience of my life manageable. He was considerate, optimistic, knowledgeable, trustworthy and most of all honest! He didn't give me false hope, but I always felt like he was capable of getting the best possible outcome. I was arrest for a DUI and Mr. Hyldahl was able to get me an awesome plea bargain and I actually won my Dept. of Licensing Hearing (which is almost impossible)...thanks to him I didn't lose my driving privileges for even one day!! He was able to settle all my legal issues, both criminal and administrative, in less than 3 month. I would highly recommend Doug Hyldahl. He came highly referred and now I totally see why...he is the very best!!

Effective and Professional

Mr. Hyldahl was able to negotiate a plea bargain that saved several years of prison time for my son charged with possession of firearms by a felon, and a threat. He listened, researched, and took his time to strategically seek a just and reasonable plea bargain. His integrity as a professional was truly impressive. Further, he really surprised us by refunding about $2,000 which he said was unused.

Honest, reliable, outstanding and compassionate!

I was charged to the extreme extent (13 felonies) which would have barred me from re-entering the United States, where my family resides. Doug's hard work and diligence left me with only one charge of malicious mischief, the equivalence of one misdemeanor. I now have been granted the right to return to the United States and couldn't be more appreciative of the outcome. Doug's compassion for his clients is displayed through his work. I would highly recommend him to any friend or family in need.

Want an amazing attorney?

At the end of my sophomore year in college I found myself in a heap of legal trouble. I was about to go to an attorney, whom which I will refrain from mentioning, that was in a great deal of trouble with the state bar. How is a young first time offender supposed to know a good lawyer from a bad one, when searching through the yellow pages?! Fortunately, Bill Hochberg, a lawyer from Edmonds, recommended an old college friend, Doug. Already knowing that Bill himself is a great lawyer for cases such as workers compensation, I took his advice and ended up in a beneficial situation. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but Dough was someone trust worthy and hard working. He contacted all the right people before, during and after my jail booking. When I couldn’t get a hold of people while I was in Whatcom County, he would contact them for me. My mom, who was frantic at the time, later told me he took ALL of her calls and never left her guessing as to what was going to happen with me and my case. All along the way he gave great legal advice that I believed helped me walk away with a sentence one tenth of the punishment that I should have gotten. As well as great results, I had peace of mind knowing all my questions were going to be answered thoroughly because of his experience and persistence in finding answers specifically towards my case. Thanks so much Dough for all your help!

One wrong turn and out of the country

Doug helped me out when my husband and I took a wrong turn and got caught over the border without my I.d. or any kind of identification. My husband was arrested with prescription pills loose in his pocket and we didn’t have the bottle with us. We were on our anniversary trip and were headed to the grocery store. We have never been arrested ever and I was scared and my husband spent the night in jail. The next day I got Doug’s name and he helped me first to calm down and then helped me with the steps to get my husband out of jail. After that we made an appointment with him and he helped us with what to do. Thankfully he was honest and told us since the drugs were a prescription and we could prove it he couldn’t take our money for him to represent us. Doug was friendly and put us at ease and was extremely helpful I would recommend him to everyone.

If you want integrity call Mr. Hyldahl

If you want an accessible, intelligent lawyer who values you and will approach your case with integrity, call Mr. Hyldahl. He is remarkable in his intellect and even more in his tempered, even approach which instills confidence and assurance that you've got the best person representing you. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Doug Hyldahl to anyone. He is a good human being and a fantastic attorney.