Criminal Defense and DUI

Everybody makes mistakes

DUI is a serious charge that can result in jail time, loss of driver’s license, ignition interlock requirements, probation, fines, inability to cross the border, and immigration consequences. You need an experienced attorney who can answer your questions and who is respected by local judges and prosecutors.

We have represented hundreds of people charged with DUI and related traffic offenses in Whatcom County. We are ready to answer your questions and help you navigate both the court and licensing systems.

What happens after you are arrested?

Two trains take off the moment you are arrested for DUI – criminal charges in court and driver’s license suspensions at the Department of Licensing. You must have diligent and capable counsel who can avoid unnecessary damage to you both in court and at the administrative licensing hearing.

What is an administrative licensing hearing?

You must request a hearing to challenge your license suspension within 20 days of your arrest or you will lose your license for at least 90 days. We will fight to help you keep your license at the administrative licensing hearing. We will also help you to explore options such as the Ignition Interlock License, which may allow you to continue to drive even if you have been suspended.

What will happen when I go to court?

Your first court date is called an arraignment. The court will determine whether you can go home and, if you can, what conditions will be imposed. Do you have to report to probation? Are you required to get an ignition interlock for your car? Must you stay in jail until you post a bond? Or will you be released without bail until your case is done? Our dedicated attorneys are available on short notice to stand by you in court and protect your rights.

We're here to help

A DUI charge can result in a number of different outcomes, including trial, negotiated plea, and dismissal. The government must prove its case against you beyond a reasonable doubt. At Lester & Hyldahl, we have three aggressive and successful trial attorneys. We will get the best possible results for you.

Our skilled criminal defense team will improve your chances of receiving a favorable result. Call for a free consultation to discuss your situation with a lawyer today.